Andy Timmons Videos at the Dallas Guitar Show

This is probably not a new stuff for you guys but we are sorry for all of the troubles recently that didn't allowed us to give lots of new video updates. Here we provide you with some videos from Andy Timmons recent performances at the Dallas Guitar show on April 19. At the event Andy was accompanied by Mike Daane on bass and Dan Wojchiechowski on drums.

At the event Andy played lots of cool tunes from his latest record "Resolution" and also from his previous albums not only that the guitar master also played some cover of the Beatles' classic songs with his own interpretation. As always Andy played with an amazing tone and also his renown attractive performance on the stage, plus some nice jokes with the fans.

Meanwhile another latest news from the guitar virtuoso is the release of a new signature BB pedal collaborating with XOTIC. The new preamp BB pedal is a limited edition so fans might have to catch the gear as soon as it hits your local dealers in all over the world. More info of the new gear can be viewed at http://www.andytimmons.com/news.php or visit http://www.xotic.us/effects/bb_preamp/BBpreamp-AT.html.

Do support and buy Andy's music cause he is such a great and talented guitarist, just check out his works or buy his Cd's and DVD's at his official site

Here are some live videos from Andy Timmons at the Dallas Guitar Show:

Andy playing "Gone":

Andy Playing 3-piece of The Beatles classic pieces:

Andy playing Beautiful, Strange:

written by Dewa Nugraha

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