Vinnie Moore's New Album Track Listing Unveil

New updates comes from Vinnie Moore about his upcoming album "To The Core" as Blabbermouth.net managed to reveal the track listing for the guitar virtuoso's new LP. According to the site, Vinnie's new record will have about 11 tracks, which have titles such as "Fly", "Panic Attact", "To the Hook" and others. The complete track list can be viewed below.

Vinnie's new album itself will be hitting the stores Internationally on May 18 via Mascot Records. that . In finishing the new record, the UFO guitarist was helped by many renown musicians such as Paul Northfield who mixed the songs, Val Romaine on Drums, John "JD" DeServio on Bass, "Tim Lehner" on Keyboards and a guest musician Hurricane Hank who played Sax on the record.

Explaining about the new album previously Vinnie revealed to GetReadytoRoll.com that "To The Core" will be a great record and his best work so far. "I think this is my best creative effort yet. It has taken a while because I have been on the road so much and I can't wait to get it out there for people to hear," Vinnie said.

Beside busy with his solo album project, Vinnie at the moment is also working as one of the members of legendary rock group UFO. According to the band's official website, the legendary rockers are also set to release a new album later this year and not only that they will also hits the road for a tour this year.

The official track listing for Vinnie Moore's "To The Core"
01. Fly (4:51)
02. Panic Attack (6:19)
03. Off The Hook (5:15)
04. Transcendence (3:53)
05. Soul Caravan (5:55)
06. Jigsaw (3:41)
07. Remorse (7:02)
08. Tailspin (5:33)
09. Over My Head (3:57)
10. Into the Open Highway (6:47)
11. Into the Sunset (5:41)

Here is a new Interview Video of Vinnie Moore:

written by Dewa Nugraha

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