Ritchie Blackmore's Blackmore's Night Announced 2009 Tour Dates

After receiving a warm welcome from music fans for their latest album "Secret Voyage" that managed to stay at the Billboard New Age Top 10 Chart for 35 weeks, Blackmore's Night are set to give their fans a gift by announcing their 2009 Tour dates. On their official website, Richie Blackmore's led group revealed that they will be away to Europe (Mostly Germany) from June 27 until July 31.

Through their official press release the band also gives the chance for fans who want's to gave a special front row seat at the venue, if the devotees are really-really interested on the offer they can booked their place by contacting susanne@ritchieblackmore.de. The seating for it will be served as a first come first granted one, moreover the rockers also hopes that their fans can also wear the same type of outfit as Blackmore's Night in any venues.

Beside revealing the news about their upcoming tour, Blackmore's Night also revealed more good news to their fans revealing that "Secret Voyage" has been voted as the number one Celtic album in 2008 by New Age Reporter and NPR stations. Meanwhile, another important news that the band also shared through their official press release was the fact that they got a song titled "Olde Mill Inn" used as one of the songs in Jim Carrey's latest movie Yes Man.

"Secret Voyage" itself is the band's latest studio record that was dropped in July 15 in the U.S., June 27 in Germany and June 30 in most other European countries. The album consist of 12 tracks and was described as kaleidoscopic musical journey through time and space, incorporating and rearranging traditional melodies from all over Europe.

Blackmore's Nights Tour Dates:

  • June 27 – Fernsegharten, Mainz, Germany
  • July 3 Chateau Sychrov, Sychrov, Czech Republic
  • July 5– Zitadelle, Berlin,Germany
  • July 7 Plassenburg castle, Kulmbach,Germany
  • July 11 musumplatz, Bonn, Germany
  • July 12-Stadtlalle, Heidelberg, Germany
  • July 17-Kloster Buch, Dresden Germany
  • July 19 - Burg Linn, Krefeld , Germany
  • July 25 -Burg Creuzburg, Burg Creuzburg, Germany
  • July 29 -Burg Harburg, Burg Harburg,
  • July 31 - K;loster Hirsau , Calw near Stuttgart,Germany
For info about how to order or purchase the tickets just visit Blackmore's Night official site

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written by Dewa Nugraha

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