Richie Kotzen Prepares New Solo Album

Having just finished his hectic European tour and the awesome three shows with Guitar Generation, Richie Kotzen doesn't seem to runs out of energy as he already planned a new record soon. Writing on his official MySpace blog, Richie stated that he can't wait to get back on the studio saying, "I am listening to all the ideas I've documented in my travels with the intent to record what will become my next solo record. Although I have no clue how it will end I am anxious to begin the recording process once more."

Beside revealing about the new album plan, Richie also revealed his excitement about his latest tour, he was thrilled because he got to play in some new venues there and still received a warm welcome from fans. "Although I have been spending a lot of time overseas (the last 3 years) this time I was invited to some countries I have never been before. I was very impressed with the people I met on this trip, Richie wrote.

Moreover, the guitar virtuoso also shared one of his coolest experience in Europe which was when he decided to play a song titled "The Road" from his new project Wilson Hawk at his gig in Koln (Germany). He said that it was a last minute call and his band has just heard the song during the soundcheck before the show not only that Richie played the piano for the track. Commenting on that experience he wrote, "I have not played a piano in public in at least 5 years so I felt like I was really going out on a limb. We ended up pulling it off and I was thrilled to step outside of what I normally do during my live show."

On the last note, Richie also announced a good news to his fans in South America and Japan stating that he will be there for a tour. The ex-Poison and Mr. Big guitarist revealed that he will fly to South America in mid April and will be touring for three weeks, however he haven't set up a date for a Japan tour as yet. Beside South America and Japan RK also said that he is in talks to do a tour in North America since he hasn't played there (as a solo artist) for a long time. "As well as touring South America again I am also exploring options as it relates to finally touring North America. It is crazy for me to think that the only time I ever really toured North America on MY music (and not a part of a band) was in 1994, Richie Explained."

written by Dewa Nugraha

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