Paul Gilbert Introduces Ibanez Fireman, Official Video

Ibanez has just streamed an official video promo for Paul Gilbert's latest guitar the Ibanez Fireman series via the company's official YouTube channel. On the video we can see Paul explaining all of the details about the guitar, including the idea behind the making of the new guitar.

The Ibanez Fireman is one of the latest outings from Paul's Ibanez signature series, just as it can be seen on the video there are some new features that are different compared to the Mr. Big guitarist's previous guitars. The main details about this guitar is that it uses three DiMarzio Area 67 single coil pickups, 24 3/4 scale lenght, 3pc. Bubinga/Korina neck and also Rosewood Fingerboard.

In the six minutes plus clip, Paul explained all of the advantages and also the story behind the design which was actually done by the guitar master himself through some photoshoping experiment. The guitar virtuoso revealed that the basic shape of the new guitar came from the previous Ibanez Iceman series which he costumize a bit. Another details that he mentioned on the video is the fact that the Fireman have a shorter scale (24 3/4) it makes the tension looser and allowed him to use a thicker string (10-46 string).

In other news, Paul himself is currently preparing himself to do some clinic and tour this coming months including the highly anticipated Mr. Big Reunion tour at Japan, which will start on June 5. Other events that Paul will be attending are the upcoming Frankfurt Musicmesse, which is set to start from 1-4 April and also flying to Italy to do guitar clinics that scheduled to start on April 5 and set to end on April 17. To check out more details about Paul's schedule just visit his official website

Paul Gilbert Introduces Ibanez Fireman Video:

written by Dewa Nugraha

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