Greg Howe to do Master Class & Clinic at RMA

It looks like Greg Howe will be packing this year's schedule with doing clinic and master class as after confirming to join Guitar Workshop for a clinic, the guitar master will also head to Raleigh Music Academy (RMA) for the same thing. The news was announced by the music academy themselves on their official website, stating that it will be done on April 18.

Moreover, on the site RMA also revealed that the event will be divided into two parts, the masterclass session and the clinic session, in which have a different pricing for attendants, however people are allowed to attend both session. For the masterclass, the participants will have an opportunity to receive direct instructions from Greg and interact with him, while for the clinic, the guitar virtuoso will be performin and have the usual Q/A session.

The masterclass itself is set to start on 2:00 PM and for music students who wants to take part on it will be charged with $55 (for students outside RMA) while for the RMA students will receive a $5 dollar discount ($50). As for the clinic which will began on 07:30 pm, attendats outside of RMA will be charged around $25, while the music academy students only needs to pay $20. To watch both Masterclass and clinic, visitor outside RMA will have to cash out about $80 while students have $10 discounts and will only pay $70 to have the special experience.

Previously Greg has already confirmed that he will also head to Toronto to do a clinic for Guitar Workshop on July 28 $ 29. The guitar master is currently focusing more on doing this kind of stuff including promoting his online guitar lesson which details can be checked out at his official website

written by Dewa Nugraha

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