Eddie Van Halen Rejects Jimi Hendrix Comparation

Eddie Van Halen and Jimi Hendrix have been widely known as great guitar legends in a different time line, acknowledging this fact recently USA Today referred that Eddie is Jimi Hendrix at his time. However the Van Halen guitarist, doesn't agree with this comparation saying, "I say it's a hell of a compliment, but at the same time I'm really nothing like Jimi Hendrix."

Revealing his words to Spinner.com, Eddie explained that rejecting the comparation doesn't mean that he dissrespected Jimi, he just felt that his way to different from the late guitar hero. "I'm just saying I'm very different than Hendrix because I create stuff. He used so many effects and stuff that I was the complete opposite. I wanted the guitar to do things, but nobody built the guitar that I wanted. Hendrix didn't do things like that," Eddie said.

Morever, the Van Halen frontman also stated that he do admire Jimi's guitar playing though he tought that the "Little Wing" hit maker does have some trouble getting his gear tuned on live shows. "He was an amazing player, but if you ever heard any live bootlegs of him, even some of the Woodstock stuff, it's hard for him to keep that thing even tuned," Eddie stated.

Beside shouting out his opinion regarding the comparation between him and Jimi, to the website Eddie also talked about other stuffs such as the first songs that influnced him to play, which were "Pipeline", "Wipeout" and a blues theme to the soundtrack of Easy Rider. Not only that, at the end of his note, the guitar master also shouted his concern over the advancement of technology this days that he feels is bad for musicians. "I think it stops people from being creative, because they don't have to. But also, to me, it lowers the standards, " He stated.

written by Dewa Nugraha

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