Dragonforce's Herman Li to Do Clinic in California

Despite having a hectic tour schedule with his band, Dragonforce's axeman Herman Li still spare a little bit of his break time to do a guitar clinic which will be held on April 14 at 7:00 P.M. at Sam Ash Music, Cerritos, California. According to Dragonforce's official site, the event is being sponsored by Sam Ash and Ibanez and co-sponsored by other big companies such as Roadrunner Records, Peavey, D'addario, DiMarzio and Samson.

Commenting about the upcoming clinic, Herman stated to the press that on the event he will give the audience the chance to ask anything that they want to know about music not only about him or his guitar playing. "The audience can ask just about any question they want. From guitar playing to recording, production, the business —anything you can think of," Herman said.

Moreover the guitarist also ensures his fans that he will also give a maximum performances on the clinic and definitely played some of Dragonforce's famous tunes. "It's understood that everyone loves to see and hear music being played (live)," He said adding that he wil"definitely will be playing DRAGONFORCE songs along with backing tracks."

Meanwhile, Dragonfoce themselves are currently busy with their world tour in support of the band's latest album "Ultra Beatdown", that that has been dropped to the market on August 20, 2008 in Japan and on August 26, 2008 world wide. To get the complete tour dates of the band just go to their official website

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