Dave Navarro Give New Details About Jane's Addiction

Reunited Jane's Addiction guitarist, Dave Navarro has outed new details regarding his band's upcoming projects and revealed a great news for the fans by announcing that they will be back on tour with all original line up. Dave stated the news on his official website, writing "I can't think of a better way to start up again then a tour with the original four members of Jane's and NIN."

Moreover, Dave also confirmed that Jane's original bass player Eric Avery has also returned to the band and will play alongside the band once again. "After many years of different versions of Jane's Addiction, Eric Avery has re-claimed his position. We have had the honor of working with some great bass players over the years... Flea, Martyn Le Noble and Chris Chaney... But the Jane's sound was never complete without Eric, Dave wrote."

Still explaining about Eric's return to the band, the former Red Hot Chili Pepper's guitarist also revealed that the combination between Avery and Perk was one the things that inspires him to be a guitarist. "With Eric holding down the bottom, the Jane's rhythm section is once again complete. It's almost as if he and Perk live together symbiotically, to create a singular overwhelming sonic onslaught that ebbs and flows like a musical ocean," Dave explained. "Perk and Avery not only bring out the best in each other, their ability to lock and weave with one another challenges and inspires me as a guitarist."

On the last note Dave also revealed about his band's close connection with Nine Inch Nails, stating that working with Trent Reznor of (NIN) has given them a new spirit. "Regardless of the collaborative outcome our time with Trent has brought forth a new focus and sense of purpose that we plan to share with you on a nightly basis," Dave explained.

written by Dewa Nugraha

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