Chickenfoot Streamed Two New Songs

More new updates comes from the new super group Chickenfoot, which consists of Joes Satriani, Sammy Hagar, Michael Anthony and Chad Smith as the band have finally streamed two full audio of their new songs. The rockers streamed the songs via their official MySpace page and the two tracks were "Soap on the Rope" and "Down the Drain".

Despite already revealing two new songs that will be on their debut album, the band still haven't set an official release date yet for their upcoming self-titled LP. However, previously Joe did gave a hint that the new record will be released in about a month or two. Meanwhile, according to reports the song that will be set as the official first single are either "Oh Yeah!" or "Bitten by Wolf".

In order to support the band's upcoming album's release Chickenfoot will also headline some shows such as some CD release party sometime in May and European and U.S. tour which will start this summer. And according to Blabbermouth.net the band have actually did a surprise gig on March 18 where they play a show for Best Buy employee.

Meanwhile, earlier Joe also stated his excitement about the guitarist's new band saying, "I'm so excited about bringing our new band and music to the stage. The energy this unit puts out is incredible, absolutely amazing. Chickenfoot Rocks! " Moreover the guitar legend also ensures that the new band will play nothing but "high-energy, kick-ass rock'n'roll. We all bring to the table some unusual influences and then we also share a lot of roots. And I think that's where a true color of a band comes out, just how we react to each other. So, it's definitely rock music. We haven't brought each other together to do a techno record."

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written by Dewa Nugraha

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