Chickenfoot Posted New Greetings Video

Getting closer to release their debut album which hasn't had an exact release date, new supergroup Chickenfoot keep on giving their fans some teaser by posting a new greeting video on their official site. On the new clip fans can see the band members goofing around while trying to explain the meaning and things about Chickenfoot.

Previoulsy as one of thier attempt to tease their fans the band have already streamed two songs from their upcoming self titled debut album, those songs were "Soap on the Rope" and "Down the Drain". The new tracks can be listened at their official MySpace page or directly from their official site.

About the official release date for their self title debut, until this date the band still haven't reveal anything as just yet, though the band's guitarist Joe Satriani did revealed that it will be out in a month or two. Dispite haven't set a release date yet, Joe has also stated that the band will start performing by doing a CD release party on May and also set to do a tour in Europe and U.S. after that.

Revealing about his excitement about the new band, Joe previously stated to the media, "I'm so excited about bringing our new band and music to the stage. The energy this unit puts out is incredible, absolutely amazing. Chickenfoot Rocks! " Speaking more about the album, the media stated that for their official first single, Chickenfoot won't be picking the two streamed songs but it would be either "Oh Yeah!" or "Bitten by Wolf".

Chickenfoot Greetings Video:

written by Dewa Nugraha

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