Andy Timmons' Betcha Can't Play This New Video

Another new Guitar World's "Betcha Can't Play This" video featuring Andy Timmons has just been posted online by the renown guitar magazines' YouTube Channel. On the new video Andy give another short guitar lesson and this time he emphasis it on harmonic tapping ideas.

The lick that Andy 'challenges' guitar heads on the new video is actually the tapping harmonic part taken from one of his hit singles "Electric Gypsy", which is a beautiful instrumental ballad track. However, just as his first part of "Betcha Can't Play This" video that was streamed last month, the lesson that Andy gave is not an actually difficult to practice, so go try it.

At the end of the video after showing the tapping harmonic licks, Andy also played the first part of Electric Gypsy to give a cool example for the usage of tapping harmonic in a full song. The former Danger-Danger guitarist also stated that harmonic tapping is a cool way for guitar players too explore new melodies and just get a different kind of spark on their guitar playing.

"Electric Gypsy" itself was one of the songs on Andy's first solo record "Ear X-Tacy," that was dropped to the market in 1994. Moreover, the guitar virtuoso revealed that the song was inspired a lot by Jimi Hendrix, and he also stated that the title was actually taken from a biography with the same title.

Andy Timmons' Betcha Can't Play This Video (Part 2)

written by Dewa Nugraha

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