Album Review: Bill Leverty's "Southern Exposure"

Being a huge fans of Firehouse, i for sure knew that Bill Leverty is more than just a great songwriter who plays guitar, he is definitely a great guitar player and an awesome song writer too. Proving it Bill unleashed his second solo record which is also his first Instrumental CD titled "Southern Exposure".

The first time i heard the songs from this CD honestly i was blown away especially hearing Bill's guitar playing, i would say for even those who have listen to lots Firehouse songs would probably stunned to hear all the things that he played there. There are still his characteristic guitar sound but so many fancy stuffs, blues influence that you can't find on Firehouse's album

This album have about 10 varied instrumental tracks from the usual Firehouse's rock stuffs, the blues-rock until beautifully crafted ballads tracks. When you tune in to this record, you would be shaking your head listening to the rockin first track "Hang Six", which reminds me a little of Firehouse's hard rock songs such as "Reach for the Sky", "All she wrote", "Hold you Fire" but with more guitar playing certainly.

Another pure rock feel track from the record that you can enjoy is "The Valley of the Kings" as for other songs most of them are Bill's cool blues-rock and roll thing such as "Billy's Blue Jeans," "Southern Exposure", "Trick Baby", "Jumping Through Hoops" and "Giddy Up". Meanwhile for ballad's lover you can tune in to the melodic ballad rock of "No Matter What", "How Many Ways" or the unique acoustic track titled "A Day of Hope".

Overall i have to say that i like the album a lot, it's definitely a worth buying guitar record which will give pleasure for Firehouse and Bill's fans and also something fresh for guitar heads out there. The combination of Bill's rock-blues stuff with his guitar playing gives a unique and refreshing experience about the album, and as far as i can say this record proves that Bill is a great guitarist who also writes great songs.

Tracks listing for Bill Leverty's "Southern Exposure"
1. Hang Six
2. The Valley of the King
3. Billy's Blue Jeans
4. No Matter What
5. Southern Exposure
6. How Many Ways
7. Trick Baby
8. Jumping Through Hoops
9. A Day Of Hope
10. Giddy Up

You can listen to all of the tracks at http://www.reverbnation.com/tunepak/1304223
To purchase this cool record just visit Bill's official site


With a permission from Bill himself, we are allowed to give you a free download of one the songs so we pick you "The Valley of The King" Enjoy

many thanks to Bill Leverty of Firehouse

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written by Dewa Nugraha

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