Update: Mr. Big Interview at Dave Fromm Show

As it was scheduled, Mr. Big did another interview at Japan, while promoting their upcoming reunion tour there, hitting a radio show, Dave Fromm on February 11. On the interview the guys discussed lots of things, such as new album plan, their tour and new songs. The one that interest us the most is the fact that they will be recording new songs again, that is really a blast and awesome news for Mr. Big fans, well if you want the full interview report here is the transcribed of it which was done by our good friend Jenn from Random Chatter Music

Mr. Big Interview at Dave Fromm show transcribed by Jenn, courtessy of Random Chatter Music:

Dave Fromm: Welcome to the show guys. Paul’s been here many times… Billy, this studio’s new to you.
Billy: I think you’re right about that.

Dave Fromm: You’ve got two other guys here with you today. Can you introduce them to us?
Billy: The amazing vocals of Mr. Eric Martin.
Billy: Back on the drums…
Dave Fromm: (interrupts) This is your first time here, right?
Eric: I think so, yeah.
Billy: Mr. Pat Torpey.
Pat: Hello, hello.
Dave Fromm: Welcome.
Pat: I’m glad to be here.

Do to Jenn's request, if you want to read the full interview please go directly to Random Chatter Music:

Unfortunately, it seems that Mr. Big still kept lots of things a secret here, especially about their plan to do tour outside of Japan. However, since it is still a long way to go for even their Japan tour, this thing is still acceptable, well we will be informing on all the latest news about Mr. Big reunion and also their new tracks that will be out soon, probably just before June.

written by Dewa Nugraha

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