Paul Gilbert's Lesson in Guitar World's New Issue

It looks like guitar fans will surely be spoiled with the new edition of Guitar Worlds' April 09 disc edition that comes with the new Guitar World magazine (available for purchase on February 10) as the CD will feature lots of cool stuff including Paul Gilbert's guitar lesson. As it can be seen from the sneak peek video from Guitar World's official YouTube channel, Paul will be giving some alternate picking exercises.
Besides Paul, on the disc fans will also get lessons from all the best guitar players such as Jeff Loomis, Jeff Herring and the speed master Michael Angelo Batio. Beside that there will also some gear review with Paul Riario.

Meanwhile, back on the news about Paul, the guitar master himself is currently in Japan to do promos with his Mr. Big band mate regarding their upcoming reunion tour at Japan. Paul and co were doing a press conference and acoustic performance on February 9 in Roponggi at 20.00 (Japan time).

Beside preparing for Mr. Big reunion, later this month Paul will also embark on a tour with other guitar virtuosos, Richie Kotzen and George Lynch on a project called the Guitar Generation. The project are scheduled to kick off on February 25 at the House of Blues, San Diego.

Here is the Guitar World sneak peek video:

written by Dewa Nugraha

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