New Guthrie Govan Video

There's a new cool video of U.K. guitar hero Guthrie Govan that has just streamed on the net and it showed Guthrie doing a cool blues track with lots of amazing solos. The video was released by Bluesjamtracks.com via their official YouTube channel as part of a promo for Rotorsound music.

In Rotorsound's official website you can even downloaded a special bundle of Guthrie Govan's Orange Jam which consist of Guthrie's improvised solos video, Backing tracks and full tab transcribed for free!!. Just read the site's promo, "Being the generous folks that we are, we have created this digital download zone to offer you these superb video, audio, and screensaver files absolutely free.Video files are MP4 format whilst the audio files are MP3. Solo transcriptions are supplied as Acrobat PDFs and/or Powertab. The bundles are quite large files, so please be patient whilst downloading."

Guthrie himself is currently being noted as one of the should be watched guitarist these days as he received many compliments from fellow guitar virtuosos. Just as you can see from his official MySpace page, the likes of Richie Kotzen, Joe Satriani, Greg Howe, Bumblefoot, Doug Aldrich and many others stated that they were amazed with Guthrie's playing especially on his latest album "Erotic Cakes".

The record itself was released on 2006 via Cornford Records and Guthrie stated that the album was named after one of the episodes from famous U.S. cartoon series "The Simpson". On "Erotic Cakes", the guitar master was also helped by other virtuosos such as Richie and Bumblefoot.

Here is Guthrie Govan's new video:

written by Dewa Nugraha

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