Mr Big To Reunite!! Plans Japan Tour

Amazing news that all rock fans have been waiting as latest report stated that Mr. Big will reunite with all original members, Billy Sheehan, Paul Gilbert, Eric Martin and Pat Torpey. The news spread out from the an audio stream on a Japan radio program hosted by Koh Sakai, Burrn presents Heavy Metal Syndicate, where all original members themselves announced the amazing news on the radio on January 31.

Here are the band's promo voices heard on the audio:
“Hello listeners of Koh Sakai, Burrrn presents Heavy Metal Syndicate. Koh Sakai, who was there at the very beginning for Mr. Big, and we’re so happy to have a friend like him in Japan. And we’re very happy, and thankful, to have all of you, as our friends. So, Mr. Big’s coming back soon to play for you, we’re excited to see you all, Koh Sakai, domo arigato, for 20 great years, my brother. Take care, see ya soon, This is Billy Sheehan of Mr. Big, over and out.”

“Hello to my brothers and sisters, of Koh Sakai, Burrrn presents Heavy Metal Syndicate. This is Eric Martin. You know, remember me? Right in the middle, between Billy Sheehan, Paul Gilbert, and Pat Torpey? That’s right. We’re back together again. Playing a town near you. Mr. Big is back!”

“Hello, Koh Sakai, Burrrn presents Heavy Metal Syndicate. This is Pat Torpey, from Mr. Big. We’re back together, all original guys. Paul, Billy, me, and Eric. We can’t wait to come to see everybody in Japan.”

“Hello, this is Paul Gilbert, and you are listening to Koh Sakai, on Burrrn presents Heavy Metal Syndicate. Mr. Big is back together. All original members, and we’re coming to Japan to play live. So, come check it out, and rock with us. Yeah!”


“Hello listeners, of Koh Sakai’s Burrrn presents Heavy Metal Syndicate. This is Paul Gilbert.”
“I’m Pat Torpey.”
“This is Eric Martin.”
“My name’s Billy Sheehan, and we are…”
(group) “Mr. Big!”
(Paul) “and we’re back together.”

You can listen or download the full audio stream here
According to metalichicka.wordpress.com, the news about Mr Big reunion, which was also to celebrate the rock band's 20th Anniversary, was hinted by a fan at Racer X's forum board, who told the site. Morever, Metalichika also stated that Paul has actually hinted about the possible reunion at an interview sometime in October 2008, stating that the plan (Mr. Big reunion) was already being planned .

This news would be the one that all rock fans have been waiting to hear as after the likes of Van Halen and Extreme, Mr Big is the band they all been waiting for to reunite. However until this date there hasn't been any confirmation on where would they start their tour and whether they would only play in Japan or maybe other countries.

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written by Dewa Nugraha

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