Mr. Big Reunion Japan Tour Dates 2009

New info has just arrived about Mr.Big's reunion tour plan in Japan, trustworthy blog about the rockers and Paul Gilbert's news Random Chatter Music (metalichicka.wordpress.com) managed to gather the current tour dates for the band's upcoming Japan Tour. Metalichika gathered the info from Japanese blogger Joe, who found it from the famous Burrn magazine.

According to the news, Mr.Big will be starting their reunion road trip in June and until now there are about 9 venues that they will be playin in including the famous Budokan Arena on the 20th of June. However, just as we posted before more details about their upcoming tour will be announced by the band themselves sometime in the coming weekend, just wait for the latest updates from us.
Previously, on January 31 Mr Big announced to a local radio show in Japan hosted by Koh Sakai, that they will reunite and do tour in Japan. The news was stated by all of the original members of the band themselves, Eric Martin, Billy Sheehan, Pat Torpey and Paul Gilbert.

Confirming the news, not long after that, in an interview with music radar, Bily Sheehan also revealed the news and added the details about the reason they decided to reunite. You can read the previous post clicking the older post section or the 20009 archive section from this site.

Here is the current Mr Big Japan tour schedule, as it was taken from Random Chatter Music (Thanks a alot):

Dates are as follows (June 2009) : Japan!

6 / 5 ZEPP, Sapporo
6 / 7 ZEPP, Sendai
6 / 9 Kousei Nenkin Hall, Ishikawa
6 / 10 ZEPP, Nagoya
6 / 12 ZEPP, Fukuoka
6 / 15 Grand Cube, Osaka
6 / 17 ALSOK Hall, Hiroshima
6 / 18 Kousei Nenkin Hall, Osaka
6 / 20 Budokan, Tokyo

written by Dewa Nugraha

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