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Hey guys, here is a new update from Mr. Big about their reunion tour and stuff, taken from Random Chatter Music as always. According to the blogsite, the press conference about Mr. Big's upcoming reunion tour has been done on February 9 at 20.00 (Japan time) in Roponggi. There are some important point revealed from the press conference such as, the plan for a new album (or a re-release maybe), quiz (giveaways) to meet and greet with Mr. Big and the release of new hits album.
However since Random Chatter acquired the source in Japanese and requires a heavy load of translation, the info may not to as much as we would expect.

Where here are the details:
1) It seems that the Japanese record media are planning to re-released Mr.Big's old records and will have fans vote from "Mr.Big", "Lean Into It", "Bumb Ahead" and "Hey Man", once again it is according to Random Chatter Music.
2) There is also a some kind of quiz that will start on April 22, where fans willl be asked to send messages to Mr. Big and 20 of them will be selected randomly to win a chance to see a special free show of the band.
3) There will also be a new limited edition of Mr. Big hits album, titled Hits Test Gray (according to this source) which consist of the U.S. rockers' famous tracks from Paul' era to Richie's (you'd better see the titles yourself on the sources since some of the translation is awful)
4) Good news for those who would likely to miss out on the upcoming tour as the band plans to record their upcoming gig at Budokan in DVD and CD!!!
5) The band also did an acoustic performance at the press conference playing songs like : "Daddy Brother Lover Little Boy", "Green Tinted Sixties Mind", "Wild World" and "Alive and Kickin"
Strangely the are still no details added for the upcoming tour, however Mr. Big will be back to Japan for another appearance at the Dave Fromm Show, which a radio show in Japan, on February 11 where they will also do a live performance there and more details might be also be revealed at the show... so keep reading our post for more info about the reunion.

A picture from the performance courtesy of Random Chatter Music:

Here is an update about the upcoming Mr. Big reunion tour at Japan from Random Chatter Music:

Source: Oudot

* Recording at the venue will be prohibited. (Including mobile phones with video recording)
* 6 years old (not yet school age children) are allowed to attend.

Sapporo Performance

18:30 open 19:00 start
6 / 5 (Fri)
Hall Hokkaido pension
[Price] S ¥ 7500 8500 ¥ A (seated / tax)
Contact Us: TBA

Sendai Performance
16:00 open 17:00 start
6 / 7 (Sunday) Zepp Sendai
[Fee] ¥ S 8500 A ¥ 7500 (1F standing, 2F seat / tax)
Contact Us: TBA

Kanazawa Performance
18:30 open 19:00 start
6 / 9 (Tuesday) pension Hall Ishikawa
[Price] S ¥ 7500 8500 ¥ A (seated / tax)
[Sponsor] S. SHII KEI
Contact Us: KEI SHII S. 076-224-4141

Nagoya Performance
18:00 open 19:00 start
6 / 10 (Wed) Zepp Nagoya
[Fee] ¥ S 8500 A ¥ 7500 (1F standing, 2F seat / tax)
[Sponsored by] Central Japan Broadcasting
Contact Us: CBC Events Division 052-241-8118

Fukuoka Performance
18:00 open 19:00 start
6 / 12 (Friday) Zepp Fukuoka
[Fee] ¥ S 8500 A ¥ 7500 (1F standing, 2F seat / tax)
Contact Us: TSUKUSU 092-771-9009

Osaka Performances
18:15 open 19:00 start
6 / 15 (Monday) Grand Cube Osaka

18:30 open 19:00 start
6 / 18 (Thu) Osaka Welfare Pension Hall, Great Hall

[Price] S ¥ 7500 8500 ¥ A (seated / tax)
FM802 [Sponsor] FM802
Contact Us: 06-6341-4506 Osaka Oudot

Hiroshima Performance
18:30 open 19:00
start 6 / 17 (Wed) ALSOK Hall
[Price] S ¥ 7500 8500 ¥ A (seated / tax)
Contact Us: 082-249-3571 Hiroshima 082-249-3571

Tokyo Performance
16:00 open 17:00 start
6 / 20 (Sat) Budokan
[Price] S ¥ 7500 8500 ¥ A (seated / tax)
[Sponsor] TBS / J-WAVE / bayfm / FM Yokohama / tvk
Contact Us: Oudot Music Office 03-3402-5999

update: Eric Martin has just added more good news, beside confirming the Mr.Big reunion at his official MySpace page (Claiming that it was supposed to be a secret ...) he stated at the end of his words that Mr. Big will be planning to come to Asia and America too, "While no concert dates beyond Japan have been announced as yet, the band is looking at possible dates in Southeast Asia and America later in the year," Eric wrote. so cross your fingers everyone cause Mr. Big will be hitting your country for a possible World Tour!!!

Here are the videos of Mr. Big press conference thanks Jenn from Random Chatter Music!!

Mr. Big Green Tinted 60's mind acoustic live:

Official Video of Mr. Big at Hard Rock Cafe Japan:

Mr Big playing Alive and Kickin

written by Dewa Nugraha

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