Mr. Big at Power Rock Today

February 14, is widely known as the day of love and celebrating that day, reunited rock act Mr. Big seems keen on celebrating it with their fans in Japan. After doing some interviews and played acoustic on their first press conference on February 9 and at Dave Fromm show on February 11, this time the band hit the Power Rock Today, radio show, hosted by Masa Itoh.

On the show, Mr. Big greed played a longer set than their previous shows, just as it can be seen from the picture on Power Rock site the band played 6 songs (Daddy, Brother, Lover, Little Boy; Green Tinted 60's Mind; Take a Walk; Wild World;Alive n Kickin'; 30 Days in The Hole) plus one special encore To Be With You. While on the interview, the band doesn't said lots of new things compared with their previous interviews, however if you want to read it anyway you can check out the transcribed version done by our good friend Jenn of Random Chatter Music.

Honestly i do know that the press/media in Japan does know how to treat bands, especially Mr. Big very well, that's what makes them come back all the time, while in many other countries, the music business people and the mainstream media just give to many attention on today's hit crap music. It's sad knowing that great band like Mr. Big only feel obligated to said hi for their Japan fans, while I'm pretty sure they do have millions in other countries in South East Asia (especially countries that have more population than Japan), Europe and even the U.S. Once again i do hope they realize that they should thanked not only to their devotees in Japan, since there are many waiting for them out there.

By the way here are some pictures from Mr. Big interview and acoustic session at Power Rock Today:

for more photos just clink here

written by Dewa Nugraha

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