More Mr Big Reunion Details Revealed

More confirmation news about Mr. Big reunion tour in Japan has just surfaced at it's coming from the amazing band's mastermind Billy Sheehan who talked to MusicRadar.com. Speaking to the web's journalist Joe Bosso, said that reuniting with Mr. Big members was like "getting back with an old girlfriend, But because you want to, not because you have to. All of us are doing fine in our solo careers. This is something that felt right, and after that one gig we were like, 'We should do more of these. This was fun!"

Not only that, Billy also revealed that the planning to do the reunion tour happened last year while they were jamming at the House of Blues. "We got together last fall. It was just one of those things, the timing was right. We played a gig at the House Of Blues in LA and we smoked the joint. Afterwards, we all kind of looked at one another and were like, 'OK, that was cool...Now what? Billy said"

Moreover, the legendary bass player also stated that they will announce the official venues and dates of the reunion gig at Japan next week at press conference. Billy also ensured his fans that the reunion was purely done because they want to play together again not because of the money. "But trust me, we're in this to play and have a good time. When you consider the amount of rehearsals you have to have with a band, how much time you have to spend together, how many hours you have to sit on planes and backstage and whatever, there's no amount of money that can make it worthwhile unless you really want to do it," He said.

Another important thing that Billy also revealed on the interview is that they have really forgotten the reason they broke up saying, "You know what? I can't honestly remember who was mad at who. That's the great thing about getting older: you forget the bad times and remember the good times. And hopefully, this band will have a lot more of the latter."

As for the reason they pick Japan as their first stop for the tour Billy stated, "Us going to Japan to plan is more about being in a place that's comfortable, and being around fans who will be good to us. And maybe they'll give us some constructive criticism too, who knows? But it's not about making money. Believe me, we could've done this ten years ago if that's was all we were after."

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written by Dewa Nugraha

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