Michael Schenker Revealed New Album's Details

New details about Michael Schenker's upcoming acoustic album "Gipsy Lady" has been revealed, and according to reports the new album will have May 19 as its release date. It seems that the label is pushing forward Michael's new records due date as previously the German guitarist revealed in an interview with us that the new LP will be released sometime in April.

Moreover, quoted from Blabbermouth.net, on the album beside collaborating with his old friend Gary Bardem, Michael was also assisted by other musicians such Michael Vetter as the producer, second guitarist, backing vocals and Kai Luenneman as the drummer. The album in total has 12 tracks with titles such as Lost, All of My Life, Starting Over, Hungry, The Journey and others.

Revealing details about the new record, previously on an interview with us, Michael told us that the idea to make "Gipsy Lady" comes from his curiousity of his own acoustic playing. "The idea to do an Acoustic album came from my curiuosity on how my acoustic instrumental work would sound with Vocals. So Gary had a go on some of my latest material and I was happyley suprised with the outcome. We continued and it turned out very well," Michael said.

Beside preparing for the release of his new album, Michael is currently gearing up for another tour. This time he will be hitting the U.S. strating from March 19 at House of Blues, Los Angeles, CA and set to finished on April 19 at Brixton, Redondo , CA.

"Gipsy Lady" track listing:

01. Lost
02. Dance Lady Gipsy
03. All Of My Life
04. Fight For Freedom
05. El Grande
06. Starting Over
07. Can't Live On Life Alone
08. Another Melody
09. Travelled So Far
10. Hungry
11. Night Of The Stare
12. The Journey

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