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Being heralded as one of the best guitar virtuosos in 80's, Steve Lynch's guitar playing definitely attracted many fans especially with his amazing two handed tapping technique which earn him many recognition including winning the guitar solo of the year award from Guitar World on 1985.

Today Steve enjoy most of his time teaching at a school he has in his hometown Seattle, however he will be releasing some new projects soon including an Instrumental album. Eager to know his condition and the process of his projects, Guitar Legends took the initiative to interview him via mail. During his hectic time, Steve was kind enough to answer some of the questions that we asked him, well here is the Interview that we did with Steve Lynch, where he tells us about his current work, the music industry and also other cool stuffs, check it out:

(Guitar Legends) Hi Steve, How you've been?It's been a long time since we heard about you

(Steve Lynch) I've been very well,thank you.

(GL) So first of all I would like to ask about your music project after releasing a record with Network 23? you're like vanished from the music scenes, what did you do after that?

(Steve) I've been busy running a music school I own here in Seattle and have been working on a new teaching web-site as well as writing the material for my new cd. After Network 23 I decided to move back up to the Seattle area and start teaching again,that's when I opened the the music school.

(GL) What ever happened to that project anyway?

(Steve) It was mainly myself and a couple of friends that just got together to record some songs I had written.The project was never something I considered to take very seriously,just something to have fun with.

(GL) You also revealed that you plan to do a solo record? so what's the news about that? is it finished yet?

(Steve) I'm still writing and recording that as I go along, just pieces at a time due to my schedule. It will be an instrumental album with a lot of experimental sounds. I'm hoping to have it finished by the end of this year.

(GL) You were very famous and highly rated on the 80's, normally it would be easy for you to release lots of solo projects, or make new bands after Autograph but why you didn't do those kind of things?

(Steve) People think that you can make money from side projects from bands that were famous in the 80's. This is not true,you can barely make a living at it,and I wanted to have a reliable income where I could make good money without having to go on the road and go into debt.

(GL) These days many parted 80s bands gets reunited, any chance that would happen again with autograph?

(Steve) Again,these bands that reunite and go on the road or release a new album don't make any money at it. You have to sell a lot of albums and sell out every venue you play before you can make any profit at all. The bands that have tried this have gone bankrupt. I don't mean to sound like it's all about the money,but I like to have a nice house and expensive cars and I make more money now than I ever did with Autograph.

(GL) You also told me that you will be releasing videos about your guitar licks and solos, care to give us more details about it?

(Steve) The new site will be called lynchlicks.com and should be up around the end of March. It will have 100 of my favorite guitar licks as well as about 20 of my solo's. The licks and solo's are video recorded and and will be available for purchase for as little as $1.00 each. It will also have all of the Autograph material as well as the Network 23 album and my new one that I'm recording right now.

(GL) Back then you were considered as one of the best virtuosos, but seems that today you didn't get the recognition as much as it should be, care to give comment about it?

(Steve) It all depends on the amount of albums you sell and how your record company promotes you. RCA was very poor at promoting us so we did most of the promotion ourselves, including myself getting what recognition I could on my own.

(GL)For all of this years, honestly i haven't seen and heard your playing again since your
days with autographs and your REH video thing, so how is your playing these days, did you find something new to work with, beside your notable tapping stuffs?

(Steve) I consider myself a more matured player now and my licks are quite a bit more complex. I experiment with a much larger variety of sounds.

(GL) As a guitarist do you have any major ambition that you haven't

(Steve) Yes,that would be the instrumental album I'm recording now. I also hope to score for more indy movies since I don't care for much of the stuff mainstream Hollywood comes out with today.

(GL)Do you have a plan to work with other guitar virtuosos? if so who would you most likely take to do it?

(Steve) Yes,possibly my old teacher from Seattle Don Mock.

(GL)Who do you think the most interesting guitar players these days? the one that really-really blows your mind?

(Steve) I still like Jeff Beck,Alan Holdsworth and Steve Vai.

(GL)What do you think of today's music compared to your 80's era? Do you listen to any new artists? anyone you'd like?

(Steve) The 80's music was by far much more fun to listen to. It was about having a good time and appreciating what life has to offer. Most music that I hear now is much more depressing and there are few bands with really top-notch musicians. the bands I like now are PorcupineTree, Muse, Delerium, Massive Attack and Conjure One. They don't follow the typical writing formulas that most do.

(GL) Okay last question Steve, what do you want to say to young guitar players out there who wants to be a pro like you?

(Steve) Create your own sound,write as much as you can (that's where the money is) and always play from your heart. As long as you are truthful to yourself and follow no others, you will find your own identity.

Thank you very much for your time Steve, it's nice to hear from you again all the best in your upcoming projects

written by Dewa Nugraha

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