I Wayan Balawan Releases New Album 2009

Renown Indonesian guitar hero I Wayan Balawan announced a great news for his fans by announcing the release of his new CD titled "See You Soon". Making the new record special, Balawan who revealed the news via his official Face Book page on January 31, added a special package along with the new CD's release which is a DVD guitar lesson that show's his famous 8 fingers tapping, and guess what the lesson is in English.

The special package doesn't cost that much either, as it's only priced around 45,000 rupiahs (less than $5 woow). The new record itself consist in total of 14 tracks, that filled with lots of fusion from his basic Jazz style combined with other musical genres from Rock, Pop and even Dangdut. Commenting about the new record, on his Facebook, Balawan wrote, that he is very excited about it end revealed that all of the music on the CD really were purely made and created by him without any interference or pressure.

Moreover, the Jazz guitarist also stated that all of the songs describes his unique soul and personality. Meanwhile, explaining about the bonus guitar lesson DVD, Balawan also expressed his joy about releasing the DVD, writing that making a guitar lesson about his 8 fingers tapping technique was his ultimate dream. He also revealed that he chooses to do a unique way of making a DVD which is by shooting it in random sets and not sticking in one place only like any other normal guitar lessons.

Here is the set list of Balawan's New CD+DVD "See You Soon":

1. Prelude
2. Morning Alarm
3. Asal Kau Mau
4. Nature Boy
5. Andai Kusetia
6. Magic Reog Jamm
7. Tak Terganti
8. Shred Ahead Jazz
9. Childhood Dreams
10.I Don't Want to Eat Alone Anymore
11.Your Love Is
12.Try To Find You
13.Like Someone In Love
14.See You Soon

check out video samples of Balawan's upcoming DVD here

Note: For those of you who lived outside Indonesia (especially North America, Europe and other continents) to get your hands on the CD+DVD you can contact I Wayan Balawan himself at:
I Wayan Balawan's Facebook or his MySpace page

written by Dewa Nugraha

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