Exlcusive: New Interview With Michael Schenker

Following previous post about Michael Schenker's upcoming project, today we will provide you with more up to date and accurate info about Michael's upcoming stuffs as we managed to do an interview with the legendary guitarist via email, (with the help of Felicitas Seigel from in-akustik label).

On the interview you can find interesting new stuff such as the fact about his upcoming new acoustic album, which he said will be released in April and titled "Gypsy Lady", so check out all the cool stuffs that Michael shared with us, here it is:

(Guitar Legends) You said you are planning a tour this February and march, care to give some details about it?

(Michael Schenker) USA March/April

(GL) How is your preparation, for the upcoming tour? any special things that you will be giving your fans on the road?

(Michael) Reunion Tour with Gary Barden promoting In the Midst of Beauty.

(GL) You've been touring for years until now, do you recall which one gives you the most impression?

(Michael) Spain,Japan,England,US - great,crazy Audience

(GL) At Namm you got the chance to play with some of your old friends, Robyn and Robbie and even played songs from UFO, how does it felt?

(Michael) It was a fun thing.Especially playing with Leslie West.

(GL) Does it brings back old memories?

(Michael) Yes,when I was listening to Leslie West as a 16 year old listning to my all time favorite lead guitar in a Mauntain Song called "Theeme for an Imaginary Western".

(GL) Now About MSG's latest record, In The Midst of Beauty, so far how is it going? Does it pleased you personally?

(Michael) I like the songs very much.The Sound could have been better but its a good new start with Gary.

(GL) Which song that you really liked the most on the track? any particular reason why you like it a lot?

(Michael) I like the album in general.Different favorites at different days.

(GL) We heard that you were working on a new acoustic album with Gary, could you tell us more about it?

(Michael) It will be released in April. Its done. titled "Gipsy Lady"

(GL) What do you expect from the acoustic album? and where did the idea of making it came from?

(Michael) I think the acoustic album"Gipsy Lady" which will be released in April will be doing very well. The idea to do an Acoustic album came from my curiuosity on how my acoustic instrumental work would sound with Vocals. So Gary had a go on some of my latest material and I was happyley suprised with the outcome. We continued and it turned out very well.

(GL) As one of the legendary guitar players still alive, is there anything that you yet to achieve? Any goals that you still wish to accomplish?

(Michael) Yes,to make a record with Rod Steward.We are both born January 10th.I love his Vocals. Also Ansley Dunbar and Wayne Findlay are born January the 10th.We could make it the 10.01 Project.

(GL) You have been an inspiration for many guitar players, but who inspired you to play guitar at the first time?

(Michael) I think it was a guitar leaning against the wall in my room which belonged to my brother Rudolf.I picked it up out of curiousity and started playing on it.

(GL) What do you think of today's guitar players? any names that got you blown over, for lets say the past 10 years?

(Michael) I don't listen much but I am sure there are good ones out there.

(GL) As a guitarist do you have any dream collaboration with fellow guitar player? whom do you really want to work with?

(Michael) Leslie West

(GL) You have been in the music business for let see 40 years now, that's an amazing number, have you ever think of taking a break or even quitting the music world? How long do you intend to keep on rocking?

(Michael) Untill I drop.

(GL) As we know today's music industry is so much different compared to years ago, with the advancement of technology it seems to be easier nowadays to become a musician, what do you think about it?

(Michael) The creative good musician is in you or not.

(GL) Do you still listen to today's music? anything that you like?

(Michael) I try not to listen.I am a creator not a consumer.I like to keep music fun for myself and fresh and original for many years to come and for that reason I need to stay away from others music as much as possible.

(GL) Last question, what can you advice from young musician especially guitar players who dream of making a career in the music industry?

(Michael) It should be a hobby full of fun doing it.The rest comes by it self.

(GL) Thank you for your time Michael, hope you'll have a great time on tour and all the success in the future

Check out this link http://www.in-akustik.com/de/pr-portal.htm to see all about Michael's latest album and go to his official site for more info about him.

written by Dewa Nugraha

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