Exclusive : Interview With Rowan Robertson of DC4 (ex-DIO)

Rowan Robertson is a talented English guitarist that is widely known because his short spell with legendary rock band DIO from 1989-1991. After his spell with DIO, Rowan works with some bands before finally formed DC4 in late 2006 with Jeff Duncan, Shawn Duncan (Odin), and Matt Duncan. The band are currently signed with Chavis Records and have just re-released their previous self released record "Explode" under the label.
Beside being being busy with his band and side projects, Rowan is also known as a guitar instructor he teach at his hometown in L.A. and also preparing to make an online guitar lesson.Thanks to his current label, Chavis Records, Guitar Legends have the opportunity to do an interview with Rowan, and asked him about his current music projects, Here is the interview:

(Guitar Legends) Hey Rowan How you've doing? thanks for giving us the opportunity to do this interview..

(Rowan Robertson) Thanks for asking!

(GL) Okay let's start with your latest project with your new band DC4, the re-release of your first record. Tell us why you guys decided to re-release your previous album rather than working on new materials?

(Rowan) We had done a release ourselves but with Chavis records involved, we wanted to see the record get a wider release- so we added two bonus songs recorded specially for it

(GL) What special features in store on the re-release CD compared to the original one?

(Rowan) Those two tracks

(GL) Beside the new album any special projects that you and the band have in store for us?

(Rowan) I'm sure we will be writing again soon

(GL) About your tour, do you have any venue that you really-really excited about or cant wait to play in?

(Rowan) I'm not sure what venues we will be playing in, but as long as there's people in them we don't care!

(GL) Okay now let's talk a bit about your career as a guitar player, after with DIO you ended up in lots of bands in a very short period before forming DC4 can you tell us about that?

(Rowan) Well, I joined DC4, it had been a band before me- but as for all the things I did between Dio and DC4- I could talk your ear off about why and how it happened, but everyone has to find their own way. I think its fair to say that I had to do just about everything to find, as Dio used to say, what doesn't work- in order to find what does work! I just love the guitar and I know what I can do on it well.

(GL) As a guitarist did you ever considered of making your own solo records, like most of famous guitar players out there?

(Rowan) I honestly haven't considered doing instrumental music ever- but I definitely want to do a guitar album one day.

(GL) You have so many favorite guitarists, but whose the first one that inspired you to play guitar?

(Rowan) Hendrix- where he plays Jonny B Goode on the white strat- that was the defining moment!

(GL) We heard that you are working to do an on-line guitar lesson, care to give a little details about it?

(Rowan) Sure, its called The Six String Squad, and Ive been talking to Jason Macado a lot about doing it. I'm going to film the thing tomorrow morning- sit in front of the camera and riff and chat for an hour- loads of fun! I enjoy teaching.

(GL) Despite your busy schedule doing lots of music projects, you still have time to give a private guitar lesson, how do you manage your schedule with your students? Do you have any students that you feel got what it takes to be the next big thing?

(Rowan) I think in order to be the next big thing, talent is low ish on the list of priorities, hard work is the key... so , I supose there are a few of them who could do it if they worked their asses off. Teaching does take up a lot of my time, yes, but I have become a much better musician for doing it.

(GL) Did you take a course or maybe go to music school during your youth time?

(Rowan) I had guitar lessons from age... 10 to 16

(GL) What is your long term goals as a musician and guitarist? do you have any dream project? maybe working with your favorite guitar players?

(Rowan) I want to sit at 60 years old with a stack of records that compare to the best rock music ever made! oh yes and I want loads of cash. ha ha- of course there are many greats who I would love to meet and jam with- you name it- Brian May to Hubert Sumlin.

(GL) Who do you thing is the most hype or worth watching guitar player at the moment?

(Rowan) I'm completely bowled over by Roy Buchanan

(GL) Okay one last question, since you are a guitar instructor, what would be the first thing that young or a new guitarist should learn?

(Rowan) hmmm good question. That hard work is the answer.

(GL) Thank you for your time Rowan, good luck with your projects, hope to see you on tour someday.

(Rowan) Hope to see you too! Thanks a lot.

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written by Dewa Nugraha

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