Dragonforce Add New Concert Dates

Still busy cranking up their amps and performing in their current European tour, U.K. metal act Dragonforce confirmed that they will be out on the road a little bit longer as they have add new dates for their current Ultra Beatdown tour. According to their official site, the rockers have added two more dates which are Mar 29th 2009 - Kawasaki, Japan - Club Cita and Jun 12th 2009 - Burgum, Netherlands - Waldrock Festival.

Beside announcing the two new dates, Dragonforce also stated that they will change the venue for one of their current European tour dates. The changed gig was the one at Knust, Germany, scheduled for February 21, that was moved to Grunspan.

The band's current world tour is held to further promote their latest record "Ultra Beatdown" that was dropped on August, 20 2008 and August 26, the same year worldwide. That LP was the band's forth outing until this year.

Previously, also as a bid to promote the record, the band have already released two singles, they are "Heroes of Our Time" and "The Last Journey Home". Both songs have also premiered its music videos, the latter one has just got an exclusive premiere via X-Box live on January 2009.

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written by Dewa Nugraha

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