Andy Timmons Betcha Can't Play This Video

We haven't heard much of Andy Timmons after his recent performance at NAMM 2009, but now there's a new coll guitar lick video that he made with Guitarworld and it's available at the company's official YouTube channel. On the video Andy give a short lesson about a cool guitar lick that he has.

Explaining about the lick that he did, Andy said that it comes from the chord movements of Gm-BbMaj-Dm-FMaj. The pattern of the lick is actually the same he only shift it as the chord changes as for the final touch of the lick Andy add a little blues thing. It's a cool lick as just like the ex-Danger Danger guitarist said it sounds like a tapping stuff.

In other news, after performing at the NAMM show in January, where he played at the special Ibanez show to celebrate Paul Gilbert's PGM signature, opening for Paul and Racer X, Andy hasn't had any upcomig dates scheduled yet. However he did inform us earlier this month that he will be doing clinics latter this year.

Andy's latest outing was Resolution which was dropped to the market on May 2, 2006 under Favored Nations label and was produced by Andy and also his bass player Mike Daane. The album had about 11 cool intrumental tracks such as "Deliver Us", "Resolution", "Redemption", "Ghost of You" and many more.

Andy Timmons' Betcha Can't Play This Video:

written by Dewa Nugraha

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