Paul Gilbert Interview at NAMM 2009

Ahead of his scheduled performance today (January 17th), yesterday, Paul spent a bit of his time doing an interview with MusicRadar.com (which can be seen on the sites official Youtube channel). On the interview Paul introduces two new Ibanez guitars, the Ibanez Fireman and the PGM 100 RE.

Explaining about his new gears, Paul said that idea behind the Ibanez Fireman, which has three single coil pickup, arrived after seeing his favorite guitarist, Frank Marino, who played with that type of guitar. Meanwhile, revealing about his Ibanez RE, he explained that it is a re-issue type of his old guitar during his early days with Mr. Big.

Beside, talking about his new guitars, on the interview the ex-Mr. Big also reveal little things about his upcoming performance. The guitar virtuoso confirmed that he will also play along with his old metal band, Racer X, at the show and promises some mystery guess on his performance today, who would it be?? Eric Martin maybe?let's hope so.

Paul is set to hit the stage today performing with his solo band before rockin the stage with Racer X. Before enjoying his performance, the lucky audience at NAMM will be entertained by another guitar hero, Andy Timmons.

Paul Gilbert interviewed by MusicRadar TV:

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written by Dewa Nugraha

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