Eddie Van Halen at NAMM 2009

NAMM 2009 is definitely being the place not only for merchant but also for guitar fans to catch up with their favorite guitar players. This year the guitar heads are really spoiled with the arrival of all the big names in the guitar realm, from the likes of Steve Vai, Paul Gilbert, Joe Satriani and not to mention the legendary Eddie Van Halen.

Eddie stop by at the event to launch and promote his new product which he worked with Fender guitars, the EVH Wolfgang. At the event the virtuoso held a press conference with the press and tells about his joy to work with a great company like Fender. The video of the press conference can be seen below.

The collaboration between Eddie and Fender itself has just started in 2007, from that year until 2008, the new guitar has been used by the guitar master on Van Halen's comeback tour. Commenting about his new guitar Eddie said on his official web, "A guitar is a very personal extension of the person playing it. You have to be emotionally and spiritually connected to your instrument. I could have just stayed at home and built this guitar for myself. I do this because a lot of people ask if they can get what I use. Well, yes you can and what you get is identical to what I use. From the basics of the guitar to painstaking aspects like the binding and everything else—we re-did everything on this guitar."

Moreover he also stated, "Every aspect and component of this guitar has been examined and upgraded to the highest standards possible: stainless steel frets, double-potted custom-wound pickups, five-piece binding on the matching body and headstock, custom-made signature tuning machines and Floyd Rose® bridge, new low-friction pots, and the list keeps going … we left no stone unturned. Everything that I’ve built, destroyed, stumbled onto, learned and experienced is in this guitar."

Eddie Van Halen press conference at NAMM 2009:

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written by Dewa Nugraha

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