Steve Vai Master Class to Hit London 2009

It looks like Steve Vai is very keen on spreading his knowledge to young guitarist out there via his Master Class program these days. Another prove just occurred after the famous virtuoso announced another new schedule for his Alien Guitar Secret Master Class which this will hit London.

This new schedule follows previous dates that has been set by Steve which is at San Diego and Italy. In London, the ex-Whitesnake guitarist will held his Master Class at the London International Music Show on June 13 and 14. Though it is still a few months before it starts, tickets to attend the event is already available at the London Internation Music website, however the audience will be limited to 150 people only per class.

Just it is shown on Steve's official web, the advantages that people can get by attending the Masterclass is that they will have a "3 hour unique experience gives the student a once in a lifetime opportunity to hear Steve discuss music theory, guitar techniques, the music business, and most importantly, techniques on how to discover and unlock personal musical identity. It also includes a question and answer session, and a few attendees will be chosen to jam with Steve in this intimate environment."

The set list for Steve's Master Class is broken down to:
  1. When I Was A Little Boy
    - Introduction
  2. Building the Church
    - Short and long term musical goals
  3. Essence
    - Basic guitar playing concepts and music theory
  4. Under it All
    - Finding and cultivating your own uniqueness on the instrument
  5. Midway Creatures
    - Discussion about the music business
  6. K’m Pee-Du-Wee
    - Bathroom Break
  7. Head Cuttin’ Duel
    - Jamming with Steve
  8. Answers
    - Q & A With Steve
  9. Here I Am
    - Meet & Greet, autographs and photos with Steve

written by Dewa Nugraha

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