Steve Vai's Press Conference at NAMM 2009

Closing in to the last day of name, many guitarists still busy running around at this year's NAMM 2009 to play and promote their musical instrument and one of them is Steve Vai who was caught at the Carvin amps' press conference today. Steve stop by at the conference to explain about his feeling and details about the new Legacy amp that he uses.

Steve stated that he is very happy to be working with Carvin and explained that there are many features that he can't find in another amps. Just as it can be seen on the video taken by Accordo.it, you guys can check out his own words about the new amp.

After doing the press conference, just as he about to leave the booth, Steve also said hi to Accordo's staff and promised that he will fly to Italy soon. The guitar virtuoso stated that he will be arriving at the fashion country sometime in April to do his current project the Alien Guitar Secret Masterclasses.

Steve has been pretty active at this year's NAMM by appearing at several musical instruments booth that he signed with from day one until the today. Unfortunately, Steve didn't get to do any show at this year's event.

Steve Vai Press conference at NAMM 2009:

Steve Vai Interview at NAMM 2009:

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  1. Very cool and stylist!!The most funky Guitar player I have ever seen.Good luck at NAMM for Steve Vai.

  2. Very pretty cool with his sunglasses and his double neck guitar.It's absolutely unique.I Love it.Keep posting Guys.


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