Steve Morse at NAMM 2009

Among so many great guitarists that appear at this year's NAMM, Deep Purple's Steve Morse is definitely the one to wait. Here we found Steve's video courtesy of DT Metal as he was testing his new amp, the E 656 Steve Morse Signature 100 created by ENGL.

From the video you can see and heard Steve playing some solos and trying all kinds of lick to test his amp. The audio of the clip might not be that amazing but it should be enough to fulfill the lust of the blond guitarist fans out there.

In other news, beside appearing at NAMM, Steve is currently preparing himself to do another musical project. The guitar virtuoso, is scheduled to perform with his former band Kansas on February 7, to do a live concert at Kansas City.

The concert, titled, "There's Know Place Like Home" is held to celebrate the legendary band's 35th anniversary. For music fans who would likely will miss out that date, they don't need to worry as it will be recorded and released on a DVD format. More info about the upcoming concert can be check out at this website.

Steve Morse at NAMM 2009:

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