Steve Lukather on Bruce Kullick's Album

Bruce Kullick (L) and Steve Lukather (r)

Toto guitarist, Steve Lukather never seems to run out of energy when it comes to making music, after working with Bill Chamblin and George Benson, the guitar hero is currently working with Kiss' guitar player Bruce Kullick on Bruce's upcoming instrumental record. Without telling much about the song that they were working on Bruce ensured fans that the track will be a blazing one.

Revealing his admiration of Steve Bruce said, "He played great of course, and again I was blown away looking at fingers fly. He can capture a Jeff Beck tone easily which is quite a treat for me to hear. He has worked with Beck before and knows him VERY well. It shows." More news about their project can be viewed at this site .

In other news, on his official site, beside revealing about his collaboration with Bruce, Steve also share a bit of his latest experience and upcoming projects. Writing on the web, the guitar legend stated that he was pissed off with his guitar tech, who left him for Fleetwood Mac just when he is close to prepare for his upcoming European tour. Shouting out his anger, Luke wrote, "Four weeks away from leaving for 2 months, my guitar tech quits for Fleetwood Mac and leaves me hangin. My gear is already in Europe, I have NO rehearsal for the first gig and I have like 8 guitars, bass and Ricky's stuff, keyboards... I mean the cat fucked me and did NOT have a replacement for me! Its one thing to bail but another to commit and then be an opportunistic asshole and hang me up, not to mention the other guys. VERY un-proffesional."

Meanwhile, about his upcoming project Luke revealed that he will play on a show at Grammy with the likes of Steve Vai and Dave Grohl. "Looks like I am jamming at a show in the Grammy week with Steve Vai and Dave Grohl and others... should be fun if it all comes together, Luke wrote.

written by Dewa Nugraha

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