Steve Lukather Found New Guitar Tech

Following the latest news about Steve Lukather's preparation for his upcoming European tour, good news finally comes from the TOTO guitarist camp as he announced to his fans that he has finally found a new guitar tech. On his official site Steve expressed his joy saying, "Yes! I found a new guitar tech yesterday."

Explaining about the new technician's background, Steve revealed, "He used to work for Van Halen. Great guy so I am in better hands than before. At least more loyal." Moreover the guitar master also added that the new tech's arrival is giving more time to do his other project. "So, I can relax for a short bit and then its back in the studio with George Benson and boom, off to Europe for 2 months. See you guys there," Steve said.

Previously, Steve stated on his site that his preparation for his upcoming European gig is interrupted because his guitar tech suddenly leave him for Fleetwood Mac. The TOTO frontman, was very upset about it stating, "I mean the cat f****d me and did NOT have a replacement for me! Its one thing to bail but another to commit and then be an opportunistic asshole and hang me up, not to mention the other guys. VERY un-proffesional."

In other news, beside preparing for his tour, Steve is also working in lots of guitar projects with some famous names, such as George Benson and Bruce Kullick of Kiss. Not only that previoulsy the guitar legend also revealed that he will be jamming with Steve Vai and Dave Grohl at a show in the Grammy week.

written by Dewa Nugraha

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