Steve Hart, Young Scotland Sensation

From now on we will be introducing you to some new exciting names in the guitar world, and today our radar is picking a young 17-years-old guitar ace from Scotland, Steve Hart. Steve is a new and emerging guitarist in the music scene, but he has already released two records, "When Red Monkeys Fly" and "Mystery and Menace" and has also been featured in the media such as the guitarplayerzen website
Steve who started playing guitar at the age around 7-8 has an amazing talent as just as you can heard from his music that can be viewed on his official MySpace page or his last.fm music page, where not only you can hear his songs but also download it for free .Honestly, the music that this young guitarist offer is very unique, progressive and amazing as he combines lots of style from his musical inspirations Just like when listening to one of his tracks on "Mystery and Menace" album, 'Sir El' for example, you will feel the progressive movements and the rawness but yet feeling a unique experience which Steve claimed as an elevator journey.
The uniqueness of Steve playing can actually be tracked from his musical influence such as John Petrucci, Paul Gilbert, Matthias Elkund, Joe Satriani, Kiko Loureiro, Neil Zaz and others. Not only that the young Scots also mentioned that his music is also inspired by things outside of music such as a game, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time also also films that have good story.
Not only talented, young Steve also looked very wise for his young tender age, while many young guitarist busy making comparasion of their favorite players, he already has a mature principal which is keeping an open mind about all kinds of music. Quoting his words on the teenage guitarist's interview with guitar zen, "When it comes to playing, be yourself and don’t worry if it’s conventional or not. Some days are better than others but just stick to it and you’ll prevail and remember that music is not a competition and you’ve got to start somewhere," really proves who mature he is. Without making any wild predictions, but by hearing his music you can bet that when the time comes he could be heading for the big stage sometime soon.
Our suggestion, just give your support and check out this interesting young talent, cause someday you might have to cash out lots of your money to get any of his works.

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written by Dewa Nugraha

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