Richie Kotzen Premieres New Music Videos

Guitar Virtuoso Richie Kotzen shares the joy of new year to his fans by premiering two new exclusive music videos which are "Loosing My Mind" on January 2 and "I would" on January 3. Richie post the videos on his official youtube channel Headroominc.
Explaining about the clips, the first one (loosing My Mind) was the song on his 2004 record "Get Up". The video itself was shot during his concerts in Brazil and Argentina. Meanwhile the second video for the track "I would" (from his 2003 LP Accoustic Cuts) was taken during his recent European tour, the recording for the video itself was taken from his performance at The Village in Germany. Explaining about the reason he made the second video, Richie said, "This was originally edited to show my family what I was up to on the road and where I went.... I just decided to throw it up here on my channel for fun."

Meanwhile, beside premiering new music videos Richie is also preparing himself to hit the road again latter this month for another tour. The ex-Mr Big and Poison guitarist will kick of his road trip in Lithuania on January 23.

Richie's new videos:

Loosin My Mind

I Would

Get Richie's New Album here:

written by Dewa Nugraha

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