Richie Kotzen European Tour 2009

Richie Kotzen has finished his break time and kick off his road trip by visiting Europe starting from January 23 at Lithuania and at it is scheduled to finish in Italy on February 20. Until this date he has visited about 6 venues including last night performance at Hannover, Germany.

Beside his current European schedule, on the end of February Richie also have another scheduled performances alongside other guitar legends such as Paul Gilbert and George Lynch. They will performed on a sort of G3 format dubbed the Guitar Generation which and it kick off on February 25 at the House of Blues, San Diego after that they go to Sunset Strip's House of Blues on February 28 and hitting the House of Blues at Annaheim as the current last date.

Not only gearing up for tours, Richie recently has also released a new music project called Wilson Hawk which he worked with Richie Zito. Commenting about the new stuff, earlier the ex-Poison and Mr Big guitarist stated, "This is NOT to be considered my next solo cd. (that is currently still in the works) What this is, is a project that I've always wanted to do, but for some reason never did...I teamed up with my long time pal Richie Zito and we recorded an eleven song cd titled Wilson Hawk 'The Road'. It is inspired by my love of classic R & B and soul music."

Here are some videos from Richie Kotzen's tour in Europe so far:

Richie Kotzen at Vilnius, January 23:

Richie Kotzen at Hannover January 30:

Richie Kotzen at Kassel, January 31:

more videos will be added in this page so stay tuned:

written by Dewa Nugraha

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