Richie Kotzen Announces New Project

Finally Richie Kotzen's fans curiosity over the album for his new song "Everything Good" had an answer as Richie confirms that the new track is one of the singles on his new CD titled Wilson Hawk "The Road". The guitar master confirm the news via his official MySpace blog page on January 7.

Explaining about the news, on his blog Richie wrote that the new CD is not a new solo album but a definitely new music project that he worked with Richie Zito. "This is NOT to be considered my next solo cd. (that is currently still in the works) What this is, is a project that I've always wanted to do, but for some reason never did...I teamed up with my long time pal Richie Zito and we recorded an eleven song cd titled Wilson Hawk 'The Road'. It is inspired by my love of classic R & B and soul music," Richie wrote.

However, for guitar heads the new project might not be something they will be craving for as just like Richie stated the new CD is "not so much a "guitarist" cd but more of a creative collaboration between me and some of my close musician friends."

Moreover, RK also confirmed that the new CD have been made available for dowload at Richie's MySpace page or at the Wilson Hawk 's MySpace page.
You can check out one of the new track from Richie's new project (Everything Good) in this blog's previous news page here

Download RK's new project here:

written by Dewa Nugraha

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