Paul Gilbert Video Footage 2009

Paul Gilbert may just finished his recent European tour, many of fans may haven't had the privilege to see the concerts. Well for those unlucky fans, they can enjoy a special treat on youtube where three special footage of Paul's rehearsal at one of his tour has been posted there.

The video was taken on his concert in Arles, France on October 25. On the video you can see PG rehearsing accompanied by his band which consist of Craig Martini on Bass, Jeff Bowders on Drums and Paul's wife, Emi Gilbert on Keyboard.

In other news, just as it was posted Paul will be doing some projects this year, such as releasing his new album "United States" in U.S. and Europe and also performing at NAMM on January 17. On the gig that will be opened by Andy Timmons, the ex-Mr.Big guitarist will also be accompanied by his metal band Racer X.

written by Dewa Nugraha

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