Jason Becker Explains New Album Process

We may never see him live again or catch him wondering around gigs because of his miserable illness, but guitar legend Jason Becker still keeps his fans updated with lots of interviews that he did. After talking with Aardshock sometimes ago, recently Jason has just did another interview with classicrockrevisited site.

With the website, Jason mostly speaks about the working process for his latest record "Collection". The ex-Cacophony guitarist revealed how and why he asked other guitar masters such as Greg Howe and Joe Satriani to get involved on his new record.

Revealing how he got the guitar heroes to work with him Jason said, "I contacted them. I have been friends with Greg and other guys for a long time, but I had never physically met Joe, so I was thrilled when he agreed to do it. The reason Greg is on “River of Longing” is that I had asked him before I knew I wanted guitar on “Electric Prayer.” When I started really diving into “Electric Prayer,” I thought it needed some expressive guitar to bookend the piece. I thought Joe would be awesome."

Beside that on the interview, Jason also stated the reason he didn't include his renown hits with Cacophony "Speen Metal Symphony" on the record saying that, "I would have loved to include the track “Speed Metal Symphony,” but Marty Friedman wrote over half of that tune, and it wouldn’t be fair if he wanted to use it for a future best-of album of his own."

Not only explaining about his new record, to the web Jason also talk about other stories such as his ALS disease, his past musical experience, the new music that he digg these days and many. Among those topics one interesting statement that the guitar legend revealed it was actually he who was inspired a lot by Marty not the other way around like some people said. "Let me clear this up right now. Marty is my musical guru. He definitely had the greater influence on me. I had chops before I met him, but he made me a better musician and player. I bow at the feet of my master, Jason said.

written by Dewa Nugraha

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