Impellitteri to Shoot New Music Video 2009

Exciting news comes for shred guitarist, Chris Impelliteri's fans as the latest report stated that he will be premiering a new music video for his band Impelliteri soon. According to Blabbermouth, Chris and his band mate will be shooting the clip for his group's new single "Wicked Maiden", which was taken from Impelliteri's new record with the same title.

The music video for the new single will be directed by a renown director, John Logsdon, who has been working with famous rock bands such as, Def Leppard, Rise Against, Audio Slave, Deftones and many more. However, dispite the date for the shoot has been revealed, there hasn't been any confirmation on when would the new video gets premiered. As for the audio, fans can hear the new song streamed via Impelliteri's official MySpace page

The new album itself reportedly has been released in Japan via Victor Entertainment on January 21, it is a little bit early compared to previous news stating that it will be dropped on February 25. Meanwhile for the European release date, Blabbermouth stated that it will be released at the continent on April 24 through Metal Heaven records.

The new record itself is definetely something that Impelliteri die hard fans been waiting for as it took the band about three years to finish it. Commenting about the new album, Chris stated to the press, that the record is "by far the most amazing recording I have been involved with, It is filled with amazing riffs, fast shredding solos, screaming vocals, and, of course, a brutal rhythm section. The goal of this record was to make a historic album that will rival 'Van Halen 1', OZZY's 'Blizzard of Oz', PANTERA's 'Cowboys from Hell', YNGWIE's 'Rising Force', METALLICA's 'Master of Puppets', and even new artists like CHILDREN OF BODOM and AVENGED SEVENFOLD."

Here are the traclisting for Impelliteri "Wicked Maiden" :

01. Wicked Maiden
02. Last Of A Dying Breed
03. Destruction
04. Garden Of Eden
05. The Vision
06. Eyes Of An Angel
07. No More School
08. Wonderful Life
09. Holy Man
10. Battle Rages

written by Dewa Nugraha

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