New Interview 2009: Bill Leverty (Firehouse)

Bill Leverty is one of the most notable guitar players in the world of music, he got into the music scene after writing lots of excellent hits with his band Firehouse. Known more for his amazing songwriting skills, Bill showed his worth by delivering two solo CDs, "Wanderlust" and "Southern Exposure". To know more about he and his band (FireHouse) recent activities and upcoming projects, Art of Guitar Heroes have the honor and previlidge to do an interview via email with Bill himself.

Here is the exclusive Interview:

(Admin) Hi Bill, First of all we from Art of Guitar Heroes would like to thank
you for this amazing opportunity that you have given us....This is
truly an honor for us. Here are the questions that we prepared to you,
if you decided not to answer some of them we won't mind at all, but we
hope you can answer all of them.

(Bill Leverty) Thank YOU. It is MY honor to be a part of your website.

(Admin) It's been quite a while since the music fans heard news about you and
your band (Firehouse), What are you and the boys (at Firehouse) been
doing lately?

(Bill) We tour all the time. We just got back from playing in Las Vegas.

(Admin) Talking about Firehouse, we heard that you guys are preparing the
follow up for Prime Time? Can you tell us more about it? If the news
is true then what took you guys so long to work on a new record?

(Bill) We hope to get it started this winter. What takes so long is getting everyone together to write the songs and then record them. We all have children now and we've been putting our families first. Hopefully, we'll get some music together this winter. Please stay tuned.

(Admin) There are so little news on the press about you and your band
nowadays, some fans who still listen and know your songs may think
that Firehouse have split. Does did not fear you guys?

(Bill) No, because people have thought that since our second album. After that one, the label stopped promoting us, so many people are surprised to find out that we're still going after all these years.

(Admin) These days many famous 80's-90's rock band made their comeback after long absence, personally what do you think about this phenomena?

(Bill) I think that it's great. I hope that more melodic rock music
comes out of the music industry because of this.

(Admin) You have just finished your second solo record which is also your
first Instrumental CD "Southern Exposure". Could you share your most
unique experience while finishing it?

(Bill) This is my first instrumental album, so that in itself is unique to me. I always loved instrumental music, especially when the guitar did the singing, but I didn't have the songs written. This album started because Randall Amps and Grem Guitars were talking about me doing clinics for them. I thought that it might be cool to play some instrumental music for these clinics rather than playing FireHouse riffs, so I wrote 4 instrumental songs. I enjoyed the process so much that I wanted to write 6 more and put out an album.

(Admin) On "Wanderlust" people especially guitar heads can finally heard all of your technical abilities, do you feel that this Instrumental album is your path on getting more acknowledgments for your guitar playing rather than your famous song writing skills ?

(Bill) I don't know. I really just wanted to put out something that was artistically different from what I had previously released. I like artistic growth, and getting this kind of album out was good for me as an artist. I want people to hear the other styles of music that I love.

(Admin) Do you already have a plan to do another solo record, especially that
shows more guitar playing such as "Southern Exposure"?

(Bill) I think that my next album will be a vocal album, but I still want to have the guitar as the major harmonic and melodic instrument. I want to experiment a little bit with more sounds and textures from the guitar. I still want it to sound like me, whatever that sounds
like. :)

(Admin) Are there any guitarists or musicians that you want to work with for your future solo records?

(Bill) Absolutely! If you'll allow me to daydream for a moment: Jeff Beck, Steve Morse, Steve Lukather, Eric Johnson, Allan Holdsworth, Edward Van Halen, and Michael Schenker.

(Admin) Beside letting out all of the things that you can't do with your band.Are there other things that motivates you to make solo albums?.

(Bill) Not really. I just love to make music and some of what I make doesn't always fit FireHouse. I'm very blessed to have the ability to make music in my studio, so I just try to stay busy, writing and recording. If music fits FireHouse, it goes in that pile, if not, it goes in the other pile. It's really that simple.

(Admin) Among so many great guitar heroes out there who are your favorites and inspires your playing up till now?And how about new guitarists, do you know or digg any of them and their playing?

(Bill) I have a complete list of my influences on my website, www.leverty.com , but the names above (Jeff Beck, Steve Morse, Steve Lukather, Eric Johnson, Allan Holdsworth, Edward Van Halen, and Michael Schenker) are some of my favorites. I love a little bit of everyone's playing, no matter what the style or genre. I always try to hear something good in someone's playing. There are a lot of new guitarists that I think are really good, but I tend to go back to my old influences for the deep inspiration. No one has inspired me more than Steve Morse. He's such a great all-round guitarist.

(Admin) Generally, what do you think about the music world nowadays and also
the new musicians? Do you still follow today's music? If so, are there
any new musicians that attracts you?

(Bill) I like a lot of the new music that's out there, not so much for the musicianship as for the overall songwriting and production. You don't have to be a great musician to get me to like your music. What you need is a good song, a good performance, and emotion.

(Admin) These days many guitar masters such as Joe Satriani, Greg Howe and others are making a new method on teaching by creating an On-line guitar lesson. Any plan to follow their footsteps?

(Bill) I've been approached by someone who is interested in me doing this. I hope it all works out.

(Admin) In your personal opinion how important is a formal music education for young practicing guitarists?

(Bill) I can only speak for how it helped me. Learning basic music theory had an extremely positive effect on my ability to communicate, write, and play. There are other people out there who have much more talent than I, but need all the help I can get! :)

(Admin) Okay, here's a little bit personal question, if you're not working on a music projects how do you spend your days?

(Bill) Working on music projects!! :) Kidding. OK, I am a family guy, so I try to spend as much time with my family as possible, being a good father and husband.

(Admin) According to you how important is your family to your
musical career?

(Bill) WOW!! I just answered the last question and this was next... Family is the most important part of my life. My family is the reason I get up early to work real hard at my music. I always try to put my family first.

(Admin) Back to the music, you have wrote lots of great and hit songs,
specially with Firehouse, from that long list do you have any special
tracks that really meant something for you?

(Bill) They all mean something special and have a story of what I was feeling at the time. There's a song on my first solo album, WANDERLUST, called "Anytime" that I wrote for my daughter before she was born. That one is very special to me. Another one that comes to mind is off of SOUTHERN EXPOSURE, called "How Many Ways".

(Admin) What inspires you to write songs? Do you have any favorite spot to get an inspiration?

(Bill) I go to my studio and just start listening to my heart. I try not to write from my head if that makes any sense. I want the music to tell me where to take the song, not the other way around. I look for inspiration in everything, from my family, my past, the news, or just my imagination.

(Admin) As you know we are based in Indonesia, do you have any plan to play in our country again since its been years that you last perform here?

(Bill) I hope soon!

(Admin) Okay one last thing, As a pro guitar player, could you give a
suggestion or advice to young guitarists who have just started

(Bill) I would first suggest taking a course in music theory. Learn the names of all of the notes on the guitar. Learn your basic chords: major, minor, minor 7th, dominant 7th. Learn how to play in time, in tune and with emotion. Last, HAVE FUN!!

(Admin) Well, we would really love to ask more about you Bill, but i guess this would do fine for now. We hope to have another talk with you in the future maybe on a live interview and if you don't mind we also hope that each time you or Firehouse plan to drop a new project you
can share it with us and we would be glad to promote it. Once again, thank you Bill, Best wishes from us and please send our regards to your band mates at Firehouse (CJ, Michael and Allen) God Bless

(Bill) Thank you so much. God bless you too!!

Get your hand at Bill's exciting new CD at his official site

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