The Coolest Guitar Solos

Hi guys, from now on we would like to interact more with you so we are creating new articles about your favorite guitarists. From today we would like you guys to send us what are the best guitar solos you have ever heard.

We have to remind you, our term about good guitar solos doesn't mean that it has to be fast, and difficult to play but a complete combination of beauty, tech, ear catching and more importantly it suits the song perfectly. Starting from today we will give you list of this great solos to give a reference for young guitar players.

We don't ranked them because we believe that all of this solos are brilliant:

Here are some solos that we refer to all of you (First Part)

Europe-Superstitious (Played by Kee Marcello).. The guitar solo played by Kee is truly beautiful, it combines speed, tech and great melodies. For those who hasn't heard about it you can check it out here

Mr.Big-Anything For You (Paul Gilbert)... The solo from Mr. BIg's first ever recorded track is one of the best you'll ever heard in any of Mr.BIg's record, Paul combined beautifull notes with his amazing string skipping techniques brilliantly. You can hear the song here

Bad Moon Rising-Without Your Love (Doug Aldrich)...Some of you may never heard this track, but it's one of those rock ballad track that has a lovely solo guitar. Doug really combine it all on the guitar solo, really something you guys should check out. (We haven't manage to find the link on the net yet)

Mr.Big-Nothing Like It In The World (Richie Kotzen)...Richie played a damn good bluesy solo on this not quite popular track from Mr.Big, you should really check out this track here.

Van Halen -Can't Stop Loving You (Eddie Van Halen)....No doubt, this is a great song from Van Halen, great riffs an amazingly beautifull solo part.Eddie truly rocks!! Check out the song here
White Lion-Love Don't come easy (Vito Brata)...This band, with Vito on guitar has been guilty for creating the loveliest solo guitars you've ever heard. This surely one of them, another great combination of all the coolest thing you can do on your guitar. Check it out here
to be continued...
More amazingly beautiful solos will be posted later, once again we invite you guys to give us your own review about your best solo guitars!!!!

written by Dewa Nugraha

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