Andy Timmons' New Guitar at NAMM 2009

This is a video taken by Accordo.it, an Italian website at NAMM 2009 as they catch up at Andy Timmons' Ibanez booth. In the clip Andy explained about his new product, which was a re-release of his classic signature guitar the Ibanez AT 100 CL.

Andy revealed to the site that the Ibanez AT has all the elements that he always desire on a guitar including its bridge, neck and pickups. Moreover, the ex-Danger Danger guitarist also stated that he doesn't put his signature name on the Ibanez AT series because he wanted people to buy the prototype guitars because its original quality not just because whose playing it.

The interview take place just ahead of his performance at the event, where he has been scheduled to open up Paul Gilbert gig at NAMM 2009 on January 17. We will be posting more news from the show as soon as possible, until that enjoy Andy Timmons' explanation about his new signature series.

Andy Timmons talks about his new guitar with Accordo.it

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written by Dewa Nugraha


  1. can't wait to see Andy's live show!!!

  2. Yeah i love Andy, i will get those guitar for sure!!

  3. I Think Andy is The Coolest Guitar Player I've ever seen.Thank you for posting him to your site and Thank you the information.Keep it on!!


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