Jason Becker New Interview

Just after announcing the release of his new album "The Jason Becker Collection", Jason Becker take the time to explain about a lot of things that has been going on with his life on an interview with Aardshok.

To the music website, Jason once again ensure fans who haven't grab his latest CD that they should hit the stores right away, stating that the new LP is his best work so far. Not only promoting the new record, speaking on the interview the legendary guitarist also revealed other projects that he is currently working on, which are preparing to release a biography and his own guitar signature working with Paradise guitars.

Revealing about his upcoming bio Jason confirm that it is still in process, saying "I am still working on drafts. It is weird writing about my life while it is still in the process of happening." Meanwhile, revealing the story about his new signature guitar stating, "It will be just like my numbered fret board guitar that I played. It is set up for me so I could easily play arpeggios, like Serrana arpeggios. It is meant to play fast with a nice big tone. I designed the headstock too."

Not only talking about his new projects later on the interview, Jason also spoke about his favorite stuffs revealing how much he loved Paul Gilbert playing , Van Halen's great inspiration and also his fond of Michael Moore's work as a director. You can read the full interview at Aardshock.

Check his new album here :

written by Dewa Nugraha

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