Paul Gilbert To Release New Album In 2009

Having just finishing his tour, Paul Gilbert never seems to lost the energy to make more music for his die hard fans as he already preparing to drop a new album next year. The new LP is being titled United States and will feature the ex- Mr.Big guitarist's collaboration with singer Freddie Nelson. The new CD itself has already been released in Japan but yet to find its date for its U.S. and European version.

Explaining the reason he chooses Freddie to collaborate with, on his website Paul wrote, "Freddie is an amazing vocalist, guitarist, songwriter, and producer who happens to be from the same town in Pennsylvania where I grew up. We always knew about each other, but I moved to California before we had a chance to work together. This new CD is our first collaboration."

Moreover, PG also express his excitement of working with Freddie, stating "After making two instrumental guitar albums, I am thrilled to come back to vocal music with Freddie at the microphone. Spending some time with instrumental music allowed me to focus on my guitar and reach a higher level than ever before. I wanted to keep that high level of focus on my guitar playing for this record, so it was great having Freddie handling the vocals, co-writing the songs, and co-producing."

Meanwhile, revealing the reason he picked "United States" as the tittle of the new record, the guitar virtuoso wrote, "We chose the title "United States" to reflect our united "states of mind" while working together. And of course it is the country where we live. "

As a bid to promote the new album, Paul and Freddie will be performing in Japan starting on February 1st and ends on February 4th. Before the Japan tour, Paul will also perform on a special show on January 17 at Sheraton Park, Anaheim, CA. The show is a celebration of his Ibanez PGM signature guitar's 20th Anniversary which will also sparked by the performance of paul's Racer X band and other guitar hero Andy Timmons.

written by Dewa Nugraha

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